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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Our first Post

This is our first attempt at a blog, so you have to bear with us. Things have been extremely busy for us this summer. PJ has been interning at the Boeing Company as a procurement agent. This has been an exciting and tremendous blessing for us. He will be working there part time until next June when he graduates. At that time, he will transition into a full-time procurement role. This has been bitter-sweet. He has missed watching Dylan and Peyton do some of the amazing things that kids do.

Rachell has been busy as well managing the apartment complex we live in. The rental market in downtown Kirkland has been really good to us, and she has enjoyed success keeping the units occupied. Of course, she also has had her hands full with the boys. Dylan is learning his numbers and letters. He can count to 13 if you catch him in the right mood. He also knows all of his letters, and the sounds they make. He has grown into a wonderful big brother. Whenever Peyton is crying, Dylan will rush to his aid pat his head, or hold his hand in an effort to calm Peyton down. He is extremely sensitive. Peyton is growing everyday. The dark brown hair he had when he was born has turned almost white. At one point, it looked like Rachell had colored his hair when it was growing out. Peyton is full of laughter, and is always watching what is big brother is doing, just waiting for the day when he can follow Dylan around. Peyton has also discovered what it is like to want things. It's fun to watch him struggle and roll on the ground until he can reach that toy that was just out of his reach.

Monday, August 13, 2007