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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Dylan's Artwork - August

Dylan took an art camp this summer from one of our favorite people :) He had a blast... thanks again!

Peyton had to get in on the camera action :) He loved wearing Dylan's astronaut helmet. I love all of my kids artwork, but really... I can't keep everything. So, I try and squeeze as much in one picture as I can... Below are some of his projects from Preschool last year.

August Adventures

Dylan LOVES inventing things, he was so proud of his little machine. He also has become quite amazing at blowing up balloons. The boys think it is hilarious when Dylan blows up the balloon and then lets it go flying crazily around the room.

Peyton LOVES music! He is always playing a guitar, (real or pretend) drumming on something - he does have drums, but he will drum on anything :) It is so much fun to watch our boys develop their very individual personalities.

Enjoying the Beaches- July

We are so lucky to live close to so many different beaches. We definitely tried to take advantage of it this summer. It is hard to tell from the pictures, but these are from different trips, to different beaches :) I love this picture of Dylan in all his safety gear :)
We are also so grateful to have such great friends to enjoy the beach with!