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Monday, January 26, 2009

Friday, January 9, 2009

SnowFlake Lane

Last year we went to snowflake lane 3 different times... this year we went twice, but didn't get to see the entire parade either time. I had thought about taking the boys for the opening night, but then thought it would be crazy and we decided not to go. Then, forgetting it was opening night we went over to Bell Square to get Peyton's Christmas stocking (when the kids are close to 2 we let them pick out their own stocking-Peyton picked a Santa one). Turns out, opening night at snowflake lane is the ONLY way to go. We were stopped at the light watching firetrucks and police on motorcycles then Santa in his sleigh pulled by horses... after sitting in the car at the light forever... we finally decided to have me hop out of the car with the boys so that they could get a closer look. I wish we hadn't of waited so long. Lesson learned, opening night is worth it and the craziness of all the people just adds to the experience. We didn't have a camera with opening night, but were able to take a few pictures the next time we went while waiting for a table at Cheesecake factory.

Meeting Santa/ Ward Christmas Party

Okay, so I am playing a little catch up--- better late than never :)
We had a great Christmas program at Church. The Primary kids did the nativity and Dylan got to be an Angel. One of the women in the ward used some of her fabric "scraps" from home and handmade costumes for all of the primary kids. So much work! Luckily our primary isn't too huge. Dylan didn't love being an angel because he said his costume was too big :( But he was a trooper. I'll spare you a picture though because the lighting was Terrible :(
The boys were so excited to visit with Santa. We didn't know how Peyton would react, but he walked right over to Santa and climbed up on his lap. We knew Dylan would be great... and he loved it. Luckily he didn't recognize the man behind the beard :)

Peyton loving seeing Santa, he left quite the impression... Peyton's favorite thing to tell everyone about Santa was that, "Anta gave me andy-DaDa andy too, Mama, Papa andy too" Which in translation was that Santa gave me CANDY, Dylan too, Mama, Papa candy too.
Dylan giving a big GRIN!