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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ryan Shupe

I think it was 8 years ago that I heard Ryan Shupe and the Rubberband for the first time. It has been so much fun to watch them "make it big". I even have PJ listening to and enjoying their bluegrass/pop sound. He is actually really impressed by them, which to those of you who know him- means a lot! They were here last year at the Triple Door and we missed it, so I was excited that they were in town and playing for FREE :) We brought the boys and they loved it. Mostly they loved playing in the dirt, but they also love the music (they know it well). We stuck around after the show and got a picture with the band. We also enjoyed running into old friends at the show. It was great to visit and catch up.

Friday, August 15, 2008

SeaFair 2008

After living almost our whole lives in the Seattle area... PJ and I had both never attended SeaFair. Luckily our good friends the Hays had some free tickets and invited us to join them with the Thulins. We all met up and took the city bus into SeaFair. Dylan thought it was so much fun. We really could have ended the day after the bus trip and he would have been totally good. We had pit passes and so we got to see the hydroplanes up close. Peyton and I weren't too amazed... but the bigger boys thought it was pretty cool.
The Blue Angels put on quite a show. On the way back to the bus PJ took Dylan down one of the big inflatable slides. When they came down Peyton said "Papa...May" and was pointing to the slide-which means... Papa me too! So, PJ stood in line with Peyton and he got to try out the slide too! It was a long day- but we had a great time. Unfortunately I didn't realize until much later :( but, our camera was set for email quality pics.... so they aren't terrific- but here are a few shots from our day