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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Why do they call it liquid?

Dylan is always asking me questions. He is very curious and I love it. Yesterday we had the following conversation:
Dylan: "Mom, why do the call it liquid?"
Me: "I don't know Dylan... why do you think they call it liquid?"
Dylan: "Maybe a long time ago before they had cups they had to lick it, so they decided to call it 'lick-wid'"

I thought it was too cute and had to share :)

Friday, October 24, 2008

Dylan's B-day

Dylan is 4!

And yes, his birthday was September 29th, I know this is a little late :(. How is it possible that I have a four year old! I swear time speeds up when you have kids. I can barely wrap my head around the idea that the infant I brought home from the hospital four years ago is now; (sorry- this is really meant for my benefit for when I put together our scrapbook for the year) singing solos in preschool, writing his name, reading me stories (reciting stories), counting to 30, wrestling with his little brother, saying the most thoughtful prayers, telling me he loves me more than (everyday it is different-my favorite is "a house full of machines"- you'd have to know how much he LOVES inventing new machines, it is quite the compliment!) I could go on...

Dylan's birthday was on a Monday so we decided to do our annual Remlinger Farms trip the Saturday prior. Well, he shares his birthday day with one of his buddies... so they had the same idea and had their son's birthday party on Saturday as well. We decided to juggle both events and it worked out great. We started out at Chuckie Cheese for Max's birthday party (and lunch :)). He was bummed that we had to leave early in order to make it to Remlinger Farms, but really wanted to do both. We told him that we would save our tokens and come back to Chuckie Cheese on Monday (his real b-day) to play games and open his presents there. Luckily he loved the idea. Dylan looks forward to Remlinger Farms all year and this time Peyton loved it too. My favorite thing was riding the roller coaster with Dylan and he decided to lift his hands in the air and said, "look mom! no hands" he left his hands in the air for the duration of the ride. It was so fun! The boys both loved everything, but especially liked riding the ponies and the train. I will be sad when they decide they are too grown up for the farm... but hopefully it won't happen too soon.

On his actual birthday we started the day with breakfast in bed (a family tradition) and then got ready for preschool. He was delighted to spend his birthday at preschool so it worked out great. After preschool I tried to make Dylan feel special with some extra attention and waited for PJ to get home. We then went to Chuckie cheese as promised, and opened presents and used up his tokens. Then we went over to Red Robin for dinner and had them sing to Dylan. It was so sweet to see how special that made him feel. And you can't beat free dessert :)

A little of what I've been up to...

Since taking the Wilton cake decorating classes I have had the opportunity to practice for a few occasions. Dylan's buddy Max turned three and wanted a police car cake--- so I decided to try carving a cake for the first time. It was touch and go for a little bit, but I think it turned out pretty good. It is hard to tell from the pictures, but the police car is sitting on a "curvy road" sheet cake.

Dylan turned 4-- and yes this is way late and deserves a post of it's own, which will follow... but he wanted a firetruck cake. Unfortunately, it isn't the best I've done, but sleep deprivation was setting in...

The final was for a baby shower at PJ's work. I probably had the most fun with this cake, if only my royal icing crib frame had worked- it would have been completely edible :(... Oh well, a trip to Michaels, a few pieces of wood, some hot glue and PJ with his saw saved the day!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Our last two days in San Diego

Disneyland and California Adventures

We LOVED Disneyland! What an amazing experience to be able to share as a family. I have really fond childhood memories of Disneyland, so it was really amazing to be able to create memories for our children.
Dylan was such a dare devil. He wanted to go on every ride he was tall enough to ride. I have been to Disneyland a handful of times but had never been on the Matterhorn. PJ took Dylan on it and afterwards Dylan wanted to go again... with me. He told me, "Mom, you don't have to worry- it's just a doll." Little did he know it wasn't the abominable snowman that worried me. I decided to be tough and not let on that I was nervous. Turns out it wasn't even that fast. The only ride Dylan didn't like was the Spinning LadyBugs at California Adventures (equivalent to the TeaCups at Disneyland). We got off the ride and he said, "Mommy, we will never do that again!". Needless to say we didn't ride the TeaCups at Disneyland.
Peyton fell in love the the Buzz Lightyear ride and Winnie the Pooh ride. The ride would end and he would sign more and say "B" or "Pabear."
We saw both Parades, but our favorite was the one at California Adventures. It was so great to watch the kids get excited as their favorite characters came by. Peyton still "talks" about how he got wet during the parade, but Lightning didn't get him wet. He would whine every time he got squirted... (it was an interactive water parade) so, he didn't love that, but he really loved seeing all of the characters. Dylan was totally enamored with the parade and LOVED getting wet. Kids are so funny.
We also loved meeting Crush. The adults all got a good laugh when Crush was talking with a kid and had a picture of a bikini top and asked the boy what it was. He responded... a bra. Crush proceeded to ask what a bra was, and the boy said it held boobs. I'm sure his parents will remember that for a while.
We all had an AMAZING time and can't wait to go back.

Disneyland and California Adventures

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Pictures from SeaWorld and San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo & Sea World

I'm still playing catch up from our trip to California. Our friends, Guy and Erin Balogh, moved from Seattle a year ago to San Diego. They were gracious enough to allow us to camp out at their house again (they saved us when our apartment flooded December 2006 and put up with us for 8 days). We had such a great time with them and are super grateful for their friendship and hospitality! We spent a day at the Zoo, one at SeaWorld, three at Disneyland and one day at the beach. Above are some pictures from the Zoo, Erin's parent's pool and SeaWorld.

I don't know if we are just weird... but the Zoo did not amaze us. We liked it, but we "like" the Woodland Park Zoo as well. While we appreciate that the animals are in their "natural habitat"-- we did not enjoy the endless walking and hills :) It was a great way to start our trip though. We figured we would ease the boys into the fun so that they weren't disappointed with the zoo after having gone to Disneyland. SeaWorld was awesome! Dylan LOVED feeding the Dolphins, touching the Sea Stars and Bat Rays. Peyton didn't like touching the Bat Rays as much, but had a great time and loved the Sesame Street portion of the park. The boys did amazing and had a great time.

I am going to attempt to post about Disneyland tomorrow... then Dylan's birthday... some new cakes... etc.