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Thursday, April 30, 2009

From the mouth of babes...

So PJ took Dylan with him to drop off our van at the mechanic on Monday. When they got there Dylan really wanted to tell the mechanic what was wrong with the car. So this is what he told the mechanic (as best as PJ could remember). "Sometimes, our car doesn't start, but if we say a prayer, then it works". I am so glad that he is gaining a testimony of prayer. I can imagine that if PJ or I had dropped off the car on our own, we might have left out that part of the story. I am so proud of Dylan for having a testimony of prayer and wanting to share it with other people. Our kids really can teach us a lot if we let them.

The other day Peyton says to me, "When I am big I can drive" I told him that when he was 16 he would be able to drive. He thought about it for a minute and looked at me and said, "When I am big and can wear your shirt, I can drive" I thought it was too cute that he would associate being "big enough" to do something with my size. And today he was telling me that when he is big he will be able to wear his Papa's shoes.

Does he really have to want to be all grown up already!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

New Dave Matthews Video

So, most of you know I am a Dave Matthews FANatic. He has a new album coming out on June 2nd. Below is a video talking about the new material, and the death of their sax player, LeRoi Moore.

Here is a link to the new song off the CD called "Funny How it is".