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Thursday, February 19, 2009

A little of why I've been so absent...

It's official... I have my own website. It is amazing what you can learn in such a short time. A few months ago there was a baby shower at PJ's work. He asked if I would do a cake for the party. I decided it would be fun to practice some of my fondant skills and took it on. Well, one of his co-workers loved the cake so much she had me make one for a baby shower in her law department at Boeing.... from there she has ordered a few cakes and has referred a few friends... I've already had to turn down a few orders... I really enjoy making the cakes, but they take an incredible amount of time... so I have to balance taking on orders and making sure that it doesn't negatively impact my boys. Anyways... thanks to my loving husband, I have my own website-- I've gone through a couple names, and a couple websites, but this one is here to stay.

Enjoy :)

Kids say the sweetest things...

Today Dylan and I made cinnamon rolls while Peyton napped.... well, technically I made them while he played with some dough. It was so much fun to just chat with him. We talked about all sorts of things, and then he gave me the ultimate compliment... "Mommy, I want to marry you when I get older" I told him I thought he would be an awesome husband... and he said, "to you?" I told him that I was kind of already taken... but I knew he would find a wife that would be perfect for him. I asked him if he would marry someone who loved me too... and he said... "who wouldn't love you mom!" For a moment, I thought about telling him that unfortunately sometimes in life people don't love you-- but then I thought better of it and decided to relish in the moment. I know that there is the slight ;) chance that he won't always feel that way about me-- so I am loving that right now, in his eyes I can do no wrong. And instead of telling him of the harsh reality of the world I just told him how sweet he was and how lucky I am to be him Mom. I asked him how I got to be so lucky, and he told me... "In heaven mom." Moments like these remind me why I LOVE that I get to stay home and take care of my boys!

On the flip side... today one of Peyton's best buds came over to play and he was soooo excited to see him, until it got time to actually play with the toys. Anytime poor Caleb would pick up a toy, Peyton would say... "No Caleb play with _____ that is my _____." Granted he was a little sleep deprieved, but :( it made me feel real sad because we love Caleb and his family. I'm crossing my fingers next time will be better--- normally they play amazing together, so I'm going to convince myself that this is just a one time phase :). Normally he is a real crack up though... in the morning he wakes up and says, "How you Mama", "Ove you too" he talks all the time. The other day in the car he said... "My tummy is not good- I need more Fruit Snacks" It is amazing to me how well he is able to communicate. What is even more amazing is that my baby is almost 2! It seems a bit unreal. The last two years have gone by so quickly.