2011 Family Video

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Emma Naomi Noll

Better late than never....

Emma Naomi Noll joined our family December 10th 2010 at 10:32pm. She has such a peaceful spirit. We are thrilled to have her and are blessed everyday by her love and calming demeanor. The boys love having a little sister and I am loving having a little one to cuddle with again. My boys are pretty good snugglers... but there is nothing like having an infant fall asleep in your arms.

Quick birth story without all the details :) I was scheduled to be induced Saturday morning (the 11th... her bday would have been 12/11/10 which would haven been kind of fun). She was a week overdue an my doctor didn't want to wait much longer. So, friday night we left Trader Joes about 6pm. I thought I might be having contractions, but I wasn't sure, which means they weren't very bad :) Well, we checked into the hospital at 8:30pm and they weren't sure if they were going to keep me because they didn't think I was really in active labor...about a half an hour later they checked me and said, I guess we don't need you to walk around the hospital for an hour... it is time to get you to a room. Our sweet little angel was in our arms at 10:32pm. It was definitely my easiest labor and I feel so blessed to have been able to have her so quickly and without any drugs.

She has been such a fun addition to our home. She is now rolling over and trying(successfully) to inchworm all over the place. It is so incredible to watch the boys with her. They are so kind, gentle and fun. They love to make her laugh.

I thought about trying to catch up on our postings... but I figure at this point that is somewhat of a pipe dream :) But I at least wanted to catch up on our newest addition!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Dylan's 6th Birthday.

He was REALLY excited to unwrap one of his presents. We thought we'd share.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dylan's First Field Trip

The boys loved the South 47 street farm. I used to take Dylan there before we had Peyton...
It was fun to watch Dylan and all of his classmates run around the farm, dig for worms, run through the maze, pet the animals, and finally pick out their pumpkins. As we were heading back to the cars, Dylan discovered this fabulous puddle. He had his boots on... and I figure what good are boots and puddles if you can't jump in them every once in a while. So, I let Dylan venture out to the middle of the puddle. Some of the other boys in the class thought it looked like fun, but their parents weren't exactly thrilled with the idea. Not wanting to set a "bad" example I told Dylan he would have to save his jumping for later :)

Monday, April 19, 2010

I have a FIVE year old!

I still can't believe it sometimes. Dylan turned five at the end of September. He is such a joy to have in our home. I truly feel blessed everyday that his little spirit came to our family. He is an amazing example to his little brother and to PJ and I. He absolutely LOVES science, he would love to do an experiment everyday. Unfortunately, I am not that amazing of a mother, but I do try to fit them in whenever we can. He loves to make inventions out of our recycling, concoctions out of anything he can mix together. And if all he has available is a pen and paper you will find him drawing his inventions... One of my favorite was his water purification machine. He is very thoughtful in his actions and in life. He really wants to do what is right, and he loves school. I could say so much more, but in the interest of getting some posting done and some catching up on our lives.... :)

It is pretty much tradition in our home to get breakfast in bed on your b-day. So, Dylan started the day with breakfast in bed. He had to wait for PJ to get home from work so that he could open his presents and then off to Red Robin and Chucky Cheese. The boys love Chucky Cheese, but we don't love the food... so we get the best of both worlds :) They get to have fun playing games, and we get to have decent food, they get an ice cream sunday and are sung too... it works out great for everyone!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Canoeing at UW- Sept 09

We spent the morning at the zoo with some great friends and then headed over to UW to take to boys canoeing. We had been talking about doing it for weeks, but hadn't been able to find the time. It was drizzling at the zoo and we thought we were going to have to wait on canoeing, but the clouds parted and the sunshine appeared, so we decided it was now or never. The boys were tickled that we were going and insisted on helping row. It was really cute to watch them try, and they would want to row all by themselves... which resulted in a few circles. But, a good time for all.

So, since I am including this picture of PJ (which I totally set up and made sure you could see the "W" - since he is a husky) I decided I better throw this one in of me to, otherwise I might get in trouble :) As a little tip, you might want to bring a towel or two to sit on or just to wipe down the seats... unless you plan on getting a little wet.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Mariner Game- Sept 09

The boys were so excited to take their picture with the Mariner Moose. I think it was the highlight of the entire game. Well, it might be a close call for Peyton, he really LOVED the cotton candy. It had to be blue of course; it is his favorite color. Dylan and I decided the cotton candy wasn't really for us, but I was glad that Peyton liked it. The boys were really patient with PJ while he watched the game. We passed the time making silly faces at each other. Don't get me wrong, they loved it for the first hour or so, but then they were ready to be done with it :) PJ was a really good sport though and left before the game was over. It ended up being a good thing too- otherwise we would have had to wait an hour for the next bus.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Remlinger Farms - Sept 09

Ever since Dylan's First B-day we have been going to Remlinger Farms. We love experiencing it each year through our boys enthusiasm. It is so much fun to watch their faces light up when we get there and go through the park. At first Peyton decided he was not going to ride a horse, but on our way out he decided to be brave and LOVED it :)

Eric Ode performed two shows while we were there. The boys got to participate in the show we went to. They were a little unsure at first, but afterwards they were both so happy they had done it. It was so cute to watch Peyton mirror everything Dylan was doing while they were on stage. I really love what great friends they have become!

Dylan and Peyton and I were waiting for the next train. And PJ and Peyton were exploring the Firetruck. I could post tons of pictures, but these are just a few of the highlights. We always have such an amazing time at Remlinger and can't wait to go back this year!