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Monday, April 19, 2010

I have a FIVE year old!

I still can't believe it sometimes. Dylan turned five at the end of September. He is such a joy to have in our home. I truly feel blessed everyday that his little spirit came to our family. He is an amazing example to his little brother and to PJ and I. He absolutely LOVES science, he would love to do an experiment everyday. Unfortunately, I am not that amazing of a mother, but I do try to fit them in whenever we can. He loves to make inventions out of our recycling, concoctions out of anything he can mix together. And if all he has available is a pen and paper you will find him drawing his inventions... One of my favorite was his water purification machine. He is very thoughtful in his actions and in life. He really wants to do what is right, and he loves school. I could say so much more, but in the interest of getting some posting done and some catching up on our lives.... :)

It is pretty much tradition in our home to get breakfast in bed on your b-day. So, Dylan started the day with breakfast in bed. He had to wait for PJ to get home from work so that he could open his presents and then off to Red Robin and Chucky Cheese. The boys love Chucky Cheese, but we don't love the food... so we get the best of both worlds :) They get to have fun playing games, and we get to have decent food, they get an ice cream sunday and are sung too... it works out great for everyone!

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