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Friday, September 18, 2009

"Big" boys camp out -July

PJ took Dylan to Cascade Park for a boys camping trip with some of his guy friends. It was a little sad to see them go, but they had a fantastic time. Peyton and I had some special time at home, but I think he wishes he could have gone too. Dylan loved going on the zip line, playing in the sand, getting soaked at the beach, helping the Missionaries on the tractor and just being a boy in the dirt.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Swimming Lessons (July)

Dylan had his first swimming lessons this year. He was so excited! The first week was cold and cloudy... and poor Dylan shivered all the time (outdoor pool). But he enjoyed the class much more once it warmed up. However, he did not love the head bobs... he has no interest in having his face under water. His favorite thing to do was wear the "noodle" so he could "swim" on his own. Peyton and I had a great time watching and eating snacks... but he has no interest in lessons right now... we'll see if he changes his mind next year.

4th of July

We spent the morning at Lake Wilderness with some our good friends the Hays and the Thulins. The weather was amazing and we loved that Lake Wilderness was not crazy crowded. The boys had a great time digging in the sand and wading in the lake.

After the lake we went home and gave Peyton a nap. Then we packed up again to drive over to Bellevue. We got to the park early and walked around for a while, got dinner and then claimed our piece of grass. Peyton and I ended up saving our spot while PJ and Dylan walked around. The boys were really patient while we waited for the fireworks. They loved the fireworks but hated the noise. They had their ears covered throughout most of the show. It was fun to be so close to the fireworks, but it was crazy crowded. It ended up that if your blanket didn't cover it... someone else claimed it. The boys fell asleep before we even got out of the mall parking lot. Good thing too, because traffic was crazy and it took us almost 3 times longer to get home than normal.

Seattle Science Center (July)

We surprised the boys with a trip to the Seattle Science Center. We got them up in the morning and told them we had a surprise, but couldn't tell them where we were going. They were really excited, but even more excited when they found out we were going to walk to the bus stop and take the city bus. I am always a little surprised how much they LOVE the city bus.
Here they are waiting for the bus...

It was fun to see the Science Center through the boys eyes.
I always love the butterfly house-- and this visit we got up close and personal with a butterfly. Dylan would have preferred to view them from a distance, but recovered once I had the butterfly off of him and onto me.

PJ and I were exhausted by the time we left, I think the boys would have been happy to stay longer, but luckily we had a super cool bus ride to convince them it was time to go.
We really did have a great time, but I confirmed that the Everett Children's museum is really the best place around for my kids at their ages right now :)