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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Emma Naomi Noll

Better late than never....

Emma Naomi Noll joined our family December 10th 2010 at 10:32pm. She has such a peaceful spirit. We are thrilled to have her and are blessed everyday by her love and calming demeanor. The boys love having a little sister and I am loving having a little one to cuddle with again. My boys are pretty good snugglers... but there is nothing like having an infant fall asleep in your arms.

Quick birth story without all the details :) I was scheduled to be induced Saturday morning (the 11th... her bday would have been 12/11/10 which would haven been kind of fun). She was a week overdue an my doctor didn't want to wait much longer. So, friday night we left Trader Joes about 6pm. I thought I might be having contractions, but I wasn't sure, which means they weren't very bad :) Well, we checked into the hospital at 8:30pm and they weren't sure if they were going to keep me because they didn't think I was really in active labor...about a half an hour later they checked me and said, I guess we don't need you to walk around the hospital for an hour... it is time to get you to a room. Our sweet little angel was in our arms at 10:32pm. It was definitely my easiest labor and I feel so blessed to have been able to have her so quickly and without any drugs.

She has been such a fun addition to our home. She is now rolling over and trying(successfully) to inchworm all over the place. It is so incredible to watch the boys with her. They are so kind, gentle and fun. They love to make her laugh.

I thought about trying to catch up on our postings... but I figure at this point that is somewhat of a pipe dream :) But I at least wanted to catch up on our newest addition!


Anna Lisa said...

Oh How fun!
She was born on A's birthday...so "cousins" 10 years apart. :) she's a cutie!!

Song of the Day said...

Thanks Lisa :) We would love for you to meet her- it has been too long since we've seen you. Sarah will be up in June with her kids, we should try and get everyone together.